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Click on sink to see Technical Drawings, Specifications, and DXF file.

Specialty Sinks

Universal Design Lavatory Bowls

1313-V 1313-VO 1812-VO-ADA 1812-V-ADA

Universal Design Lavatory Bowls

1613-UVO 1613-UV 1711-UVO 1711-UV
1512-VO 1512-V 1513-VO-ADA 1513-V-ADA

ADA Compliant Healthcare Models

1712-VO 1712-V L1114-V R1114-V

ADA Compliant Healthcare Models

1514-VO-ADA 1514-V-ADA 1416-V 1518-V-ADA

Rectangle Vanity Bowls/European ADA Compliant

1814-V 1814-VO 1814-EVO-ADA 1814-EVO-ADA

Specialty Bowls-Side Overflow-RV LavatorBowls

1410-VO 1410-V 1612-VO 1612-V
1613-VSO-Side Overflow 1914-VO 1914-VO